The Great Warrior Muhannad

It’s Muhannad , from Jerusalem
I am 25 years old , studying medicine , Known as the “ the guy who refused to die because of love “
Tedx motivational speaker , volunteer in cancer department in Jerusalem hospital to make hope for cancer patients,official ambassador of MUN.

How did i combat bone cancer , underwent 11 surgeries, depression, and partial disability 
I was professional football player but because partial disability i can no longer play football , my university made videos about me , in the cancer awareness to share positive vibes to all cancer fighters..

Now i am almost a Dr , my message and dream in life ; I don’t want people to suffer mentally and physically… I just want to share a message about transplant surgeries, in cure diseases , just need to share this concept among arabs , to in courage them in donating of organs after death .. it will help others !

For that this my message, to share the habit of donating organs from cadavers when we die , to decrease suffering of many people in need for them ,also my dream to be a heart surgeon specially in transplant hearts , and make a first hospital in the arab world for transplant organs..
Thank you.