New Token Set to Create Its Own Platforms and Marketplaces

LONDON, June 9, 2021 — Interact is a new token yet to launch, and has the substantial capability to conquer typical token limitations whilst upturning the traditional finance models to distribute wealth back to its users. Given what this crypto token has to offer, it is a promising prospect for investors to start engaging in as soon as possible.

The Interact team has a vision for the token to create a wide array of feasible marketplaces and platforms. The skilled team behind this token have gone above and beyond the reach of your average cryptocurrency. Interact is developing three distinct platform marketplaces which shall be fully developed shortly after the token is  launched.

The first of the three platforms is a highly promising Token Finder platform which will allow for all listed tokens to participate in general popularity polls. Unlike other Token Finder platforms, this platform will allow for the marketing of new and established tokens. With user friendly navigation, and easier accessibility this platform will be easier to use by project founders in comparison to other platforms. In addition to normal payment methods users willing to pay using $INT token will be given benefits such as discounts and promos. This is just a single reason as to why this token has received so much buzz within the community.

The second of the three platforms is a platform tailored towards an influencer marketplace.This platform will allow members of the general community to request and pay for personalized celebrity videos. This marketplace will be targeting an international audience with celebrity partners chosen to tailor the specific audience demographic in different parts of the world. Although a variety of payment methods will be accepted, this platform will integrate the acquisition of $INT Token with benefits and discounts being provided when using this token.

The third platform tailors towards a freelancer marketplace. This platform allows the general community to purchase a wide variety of freelance services present on the platform. Like the influencer platform, this site will also be international, accepting a variety of payments but promoting $INT as one of the forms of payment.

The team is constantly innovating new methods of use cases, and the key distinguishing factor is the ability of the project to assume full responsibility for it’s token integration and application which is why one is able to confidently invest.

In addition to the stated platforms Interact is steadfast in their efforts in corporate social responsibility.  There is often a lack of utility in putting business investment percentages in unknown charities. Interact plans to oversee their efforts directly and head-on. Interact plans on doing this by launching a non-profit organisation providing affordable meals in impoverished nations in Africa. The team believes that it is their corporate social responsibility to be the change they want to see which is highly applaudable. The team plans to integrate a section for charitable donations on all developed platforms. This will provide platform users the opportunity to have a positive impact on several impoverished individuals in the world.

Given the versatility and reach of the Interact token, one can not even quantify the potential this token has. Having a creative and visionary team, this token is a solid long term investment and is as good as they come. It’s always advisable to do your own research but don’t wait until it’s too late to invest in this one.

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