KM Zubair: The World’s second youngest book author on hacking comes out from Dhaka, Bangladesh

KM Zubair, who was just 17 years old when his book “Hacking!!” came out.  It was released in the last week of February 2016 in Bangladesh. His book on ethical hacking and anti-hacking made him the 2nd youngest author on hacking to be published by Ankur Prakashani, Bangladesh. The book received overwhelming positive responses in his country. Zubair is now studying Bachelor of Computer Science (specializing in Data Science) at International Islamic University Malaysia. He was born on 19 March in the year of 1999 at Khulna. Zubair started his studies at South Herald English Medium School at Khulna and now he wants to turn his hobby into a full-time profession.­­­­­

Ankit Faida is the youngest author to write a book on hacking. He published his first book on hacking at the age of 15 by Macmillan India. After Ankit, Zubair is the 2nd youngest book author on hacking. The book covered several chapters with almost 100% practical knowledge including screenshots. Chapters of this book encircle intro of hacking types, Keystroke Logging, Phishing, Session hijacking, Cookie sniffing, Wi-Fi hacking, ARP poisoning, Cryptography, Collisions, Salting, Easy way to Strengthen & Memorize Passwords etc. and it also interpreted the way of preventing these types of hacking. This book is formed to raise awareness of cyber threats and help people to surf on the internet securely.