Kess Nubian Biography – A Star Born

Hello, world my name is Brandon Thomas or better known by my stage name as Kess Nubian I am 29 years old and was born on Aug 8, 1991.

My pops was born and raised in trinidad along with my wild and always ready to have a good time uncles who he would later on bring all the way to nyc were he would later meet my mother or as i like to call her mombird while my pops is popbird .. after awhile i would later be born in red hook hospital in bk and we would eventualy move to jersey city nj i went to school at ps 38 and graduated then i moved over to henry snyder hs wich felt like a hole prison more than a school but overall i still managed to make it moving forward sometime long after high school i heard young ma who made a song called self made wich came out after ouu and for iits time it was the most fire yet unique type of sound i ever heard in comparison of what was hot at that time and i been makin music ever now gettin more into the music i actualy found out about fl studio in about 2018 and because jersey city doesnt have much i had to teach my self how to make a beat and use it i would learn from pretty much any video i could find and i would find guys like busy works beatsssssss! people like Curtis king bro beats etc from youtube and i would listen to producers like young chop jahlil beats just blaze lex luger zaytoven etc to find some inspiration and or develop my own sound out for the next couple of months I started to study fl first and then learn how to make a beat then eventually I would a few more months later land my first song with an artist from Chicago known as kt rasta who would eventually be like family to me after a while we would drop my first song with him called rondo which is doing 150k views

my goal is to start my label in jersey city start a family and make money off of my name and be a regular and relevant face in hip hop