Jamaican Artists Mavado and IVoltage share experiences on Never Go Win

Within a week of its April 30 release, Never Go Win, the collaborative effort between Mavado and singjay IVoltage has racked up more than 500,000 views on YouTube.

IVoltage who initially recorded the song for his Dirt Road EP, is surprised at the reception to the song.

‘The collaboration with Mavado wasn’t planned. The song was just a single off my upcoming EP then Mavado heard it and decided to give it a strength which led to this great collaboration”, said IVoltage.

He said the lyrics to the song are relatable hence the response it has received thus far.

‘The song is about my personal struggles as well as Mavado’s struggles, so its like two pain linked together.”

Mavado talks about losing his mother Elizabeth ‘Miss Pinny’ Gordon who passed away in March, while IVoltage spoke about his own personal tragedies and persevering in the music industry.

‘The song we hope will offer motivation to others through our own experiences of overcoming obstacles,” said IVoltage.

IVoltage has been doing music since 2015. He is from the Bull Bay area and has released songs including Burial Money, Volume and Reality.

Never Go Win was produced by Tommy G Records and Keno4Star Productions.