There are those who simply wear hats for various purposes, namely protection from the sun. And there are those who wear Raffiné. A select elite that marry between practicality and style. People that cannot renounce to their appearance and social status.

Raffiné is an all-new LA born brand especially made for those who stand out from the crowds. Free, bold, successful, confident, elaborate, and sophisticated.

If you are the type that likes to match your hats to your outfits, know that there is a prime brand for you. No matter the occasion, Raffiné is out there to match your style and aspirations.

The uniqueness of Raffiné is that it stems from two cultures. It sure contains the American spirit into it, as it generates from the American west coast L.A. But it also embeds a touch of European elegance. The French elegance and the American swag all beautifully manifest in one piece of apparel. The Raffiné hat!

Raffiné adds a twist that is not available in the mainstream hat market. It combines bandanas and hats. That’s right! An all-exclusive brand that embodies a unique design hat with bandana.

In a recent meeting with The Raffiné brand CEO, he states: “We proudly chose to add up the bandana twist because we want to stay true to the L.A. local urban culture. Namely our hip-hop rich heritage head wear. However, to make this global, we added our special European French touch to our Raffiné hats. Which makes it a street wear and a fancy piece of embroidery.”

Similarly to his above argument, he affirmed that the quality of Raffiné hats is also a unique experience. Each Raffiné piece is made with premium materials. Both the design and manufacturing team combine quality raw materials and carefully integrate them to produce the best possible product to finally meet stylish customers out there.

In terms of quality and manufacturing process, the CEO affirmed in the same meeting: “We also value a distinct attention to quality details as we want to make sure that every hat is unique to us, and if so, we are quite sure that it will be unique for our valued customers too. From our raw materials to our final product, we work hard to make sure we produce the best quality possible. Raffiné is exclusively available through our product website (raffinelosangeles.com), and our hats are shipped in a slick, glossy box matching our customer’ choice. Our product inventory speaks for itself, as we produce limited quantities each year, we usually experience frequent sold outs.”

Raffiné hats are made by the elite, for the elite. Their main mission is to create a new trend of urban elegance. Raffiné hats are more than simple hats, it is an attitude, a culture, an identity.

Find out more about RAFFINE by visiting the website or the brand’s Instagram and Facebook

For more info or to arrange an interview contact Jamal Gari at contact@raffinelosangeles.com