Known as “The Supergirl of Small Business P.R, ” Calynn M. Lawrence is the 25-year-old
Founder of The Fresh Faces Project, a nonprofit initiative that has provided free and discounted
marketing and promotions services to nearly 500 participants “from artists to attorneys.” Since
its establishment in 2014 during her senior year of high school, The Fresh Faces Project has
worked with countless brands from creatives, entrepreneurs, public figures and more! They do
this by offering free and extremely discounted opportunities to be featured in the press by
publications owned by the parent company, the Calynn Communications & Creative corporation,
the opportunity to be an honoree at the annual Fresh Faces Project Awards for which they charge
no nomination fees, ticket sales or mandatory sponsorships/donations, and the opportunity to be
a cast member on their 5-star rated web series “Chicago Talent.” They also make monetary
donations to small business fundraisers and charitable organizations year-round.
Being very unique in nature within the philanthropy space, the whirlwind movement has gained
massive press over the years and has made almost as much impact in the media as it has in the
lives of its beneficiaries! Some of the most moving quotes include:

“She is living proof that dreams can come true and goals can be brought to fruition if you have the right resources, the right attitude and the right work ethic.”

– Yahoo! Finance (2020)

“As a Supergirl of Small Business P.R., she’s dominating the industry as one of the biggest
advocates for people living their dreams and pursuing their passions!”

– New York Times Daily (2021)

“With goals, talent and heart as big as a nation, this girl’s mission is nothing short of riveting. This blogger turned boss turned beauty queen is on the path to success.”

Billboard HipHop (2021)

“Her aggressive goals to help 1000 brands by 2024 through her pro bono work with The Fresh Faces Project demonstrates her killer hustle and kind heart for the community. In short, her brand as a person and as a professional personifies three words: dynamic, diverse and die-hard.

E! News Sri Lanka (2021)

With a reputation for her immense community service and micro philanthropy worldwide, she
has more than earned all seventeen of her awards for her work. Some of them include holding
four Chicago Oscars, the National Community Service Leadership Award, the National
Humanitarian Award, the National Congeniality Award and Woman of the Year.
Now, at 25 years old, Calynn is about to make history for owning one of the largest nonprofit
marketing agencies in the world in her niche! Her global domination in the community service
sector is nearing its head, with aggressive plans to expand her nonprofit work this year. An
ambassador program, “Artists of Altruism,” tens of planned charitable donations and
appearances as the current reigning Miss United States Universe Tourism, and the distribution of
her heavily discounted course to help small businesses learn the tricks of the trade-in branding
and PR are all just the tip of the iceberg with her. Coined a “one girl revolution” by The Los
Angeles Tribune (2020), it’s no wonder that she’s breaking glass ceilings and helping others
while doing it!

Visit her website to learn more: www.caycomcreate.com